Plenty to visit in half an hour to hour’s time from our location

Udawalawa National Park – 26km – 26min – 27C/80F

The Udawalawe National Park is a popular destination for those hoping to spot wild elephants. Encompassing the Udawalawe Resovoir along with much of its catchment area, the park covers about 31000 hectares of land. This area had been also declared as the 5th National Park of Sri Lanka. The dominant ecosystem of the park is forest scattered with grasslands and thorny shrubs, though part of the park is reclaimed tea estate.

On the wildlife side, the large herds of Asian elephants are the main draw cards, but populations of leopard, spotted deer, barking deer, wild boar and water buffalo are gradually increasing. Other mammals found within the park include the endemic toque macaque, the common langur, golden jackal, sloth bear and toddy cat.

Udawalawe Park is an excellent spot to visit all year round, with a resident elephant population among other wildlife… meaning that you will rarely be disappointed in terms of wildlife viewings. There is also an excellent elephant orphan transit camp attached to the park, where four times a day you can observe the young elephants being bottle fed.

Just 26 minutes drive from hotel, you may have the opportunity to visit this amazingly inspiring, Udawale National Park.

Morning Side – twilight to the upper region – 30km – 30min – 21C/69F

This destination… so close to Sinharaja is not a forest but it’s a part of a forest. The place has a spectacular locate, misty like upcountry side and has wetter climate at all times of the day, and the place is always shadowed in the evening; the area was named “MORNING SIDE” as it feels like its morning all day.

The land being located in the east part of Rakwana range allocate you to see.. tea plantations located between the Sinharaja forest side and the drive way from Rakwana to Deniyaya. This place is the home to most of the lowland and highland endemic birds of Sri Lanka; the Green-billed Coucal, Yellow-eared Bulbul, Sri lankan White eye, Dull- blue Flycatcher, Sri Lankan Jungle fowl and many more. Also, there are leopards, sambars, mouse deers, and few other remaininng elephants.

Explore the views of Morning Side travelling via Rakwana Deniyaya main route and discover the most panoramic views of tea plantations of Hayse and Lauderdale Estates on your drive.

Waulpane Cave – 17.5km – 25min – 22C/72F

Waulpane Cave is located in Buluthota Rakwana range, approximately a 15 minute drive from our destination at Rakwana. This place is one of the archeological sites located in Srilanka.The meaning of Waulpane is Cave of Bats, and nearly more than 2,500,000 bats inhibit this cave. You will journey about 300m underground to discover this prehistoric world, and there are few fossils visible in the cavern wall.

The stream which runs through this cave becomes a beautiful waterfall at the center, giving you a mysterious and a thrilling experience.

Maduwanwela Walauwwa – 41.2km – 45min – 25C/77F

Maduwanwala Walawwa is a mansion located in a town called Kolonne, just a 15 minute drive from our destination in Rakwana. This place had been built during a period of 1877-1905; the Wallawwa had had 121 rooms, 21 inner courtyards and 82,000 acre land surrounding it, at its present there are only 43 rooms left. Located in the grounds is a courthouse with seating space for 100 people, furniture and the equipments used for punishments are still present. Beneathe its roofing there lies an interesting history of Maduwanwela Disawe and two of the Sinhalese Kings who ruled Sri Lanka in that era. Later the mansion was transferred to Sir Francis Molamure, which now is taken over by the Department of Archaeology and had been converted into a museum.

The Maduwanwela Walawwa lies in an area of tranquil beauty with paddy fields and tall trees that span out across the plains providing much needed shade.

SINHARAJA RAIN FOREST – 83.7km – 90min – 22C/77F

SINHARAJA RAIN FOREST is a world heritage and bio diversity hotspot which is also a major eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka. It is one of the few virgin forests left in the world. This evergreen rain forest, a UNESCO World heritage site, is one of the few virgin rain forests left to date. Damp mysterious and teeming with life, the Sinharaja forest reserve situated 120 KM South East of Colombo, is the last expensive stretch of virgin rainforest on the island. At just over 11000 hectares, line across the wet zone the Southern edge of the hill country, Sinharaja is an ecological treasure trove. It is staggering array of flora and fauna place it among the top bio diversity hotspot in the world. Sinharaja Forest Reserve – A UNESCO world heritage site – encompasses the largest single swath of remaining low land tropical rain forest in the country. Over 130 birds, species are found here including many of the 33 species endemic to the Sri Lanka. There also rich reptile population and myriads of insects species, many yet to be classified. Mammals scenes here including the purple faced langur monkey and the giant squirrel. Sinharaja is also home to the elusive leopard. It is preferable to explore Sinharaja on foot, which makes for the truly authentic jungle experience. Best starting point for visits are Deniyaya Mederipitiya to the East or Kudawa to the North.

Bodiraja International Meditation Center Rakwana – 20.7km – 40min – 22C/72F

Meditation center with free meditation facilities, located on the borders of the “Sinharaja” rainforest… the calm and tranquil setting close to nature. Just a drive of 10 minutes time.

People are busy with education, employment, medical treatments, social performances and many other responsibilities in their day-today-lives. Though they rarely take a rest, it is not actually to dissolve the stress but to design the future plans and to find ways and means to accomplish them. At this centre, the guests can experience a calm and quiet environment in order to purify their minds.

Cool mountains and the lush green scenery of Rakwana that is 2400 feet above sea level, provides the ideal setting for medication which available at the Bodhiraja International Meditation Center. The meditation center was built with utmost care to preserve and blend in with the natural beauty of the area.